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Network booting into the server at

Sometimes it is nice to be able to connect directly to a remote server from my laptop and have the same root filesystem available. This is possible by typing tls at the boot prompt and then typing for the fs and auth server.


On my internet connection some things can be very slow (such as compiling the entire system), because of fs access now happens over the network. The easy fix is to just start a cpu connection to the server where the fs access can happen fast since it is on the same machine. This is done by typing

rcpu -h

Of course the server has a pretty slow cpu..

Server settings

Some steps are needed to make this work:

  1. The user must be added to the fileserver and auth server.
  2. The fileserver must be listening for remote connections.
  3. The correct ndb entries must be set (in the beginning I forgot fs and I could only connect via tcp, not tls)

More information about all those steps can be found in section 7 of the 9front FQA.