Peter's website - random notes

Operating system

I mostly use guix but sometimes I need software that is not yet ported, and then I use fedora. If I could, I would use 9front alot more, since the system is much better and different in my opinion. I also like OpenBSD alot.

Text editor

Acme from plan9port. Sometimes I use emacs if I have to edit scheme code, since automatic closing of matching ( and ) makes life much easier.


I use the rc shell since it works nicely in both acme and 9term from plan9port. Also I like its syntax alot more than the syntax of bash.

Web browser

Mainy firefox (this page is only tested on firefox, so please let me know if you have problems on other browsers).


I use a Lenovo Thinkpad E495 with an AMD ryzen 3700U and 16 gigabytes of ram. It is a fairly good computer for the price, and OpenBSD is supported out of the box with the exception of wifi. For this reason, I have small usb wifi dongle that is constantly plugged in, which performs a lot worse than what some people would like, but for me it is no big deal.

Mouse and keyboard

Since I have never been a fan of touchpads on laptops, I use an external mouse which is a Logitech MX Master 3. I also have a keyboard that I sometimes plug in if I have to do more writing than what I can comfortably do on my laptop. The keyboard is from the coolermaster masterkeys lite L bundle. Clicking in acme using the scroll wheel instead of using a true 3-button mouse is sometimes a bit annoying, but its OK.