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Fonts on 9front

By default 9front uses a font called VGA but its too small for my eyes.

The fonts I use (dejavu) look like thisan image showing the fonts and are attached below:

proportional font

monospace font

They can be recreated by having them installed on linux and doing the following from linux with plan9port installed.

fontsrv -m /tmp/fonts
cp -r /tmp/fonts/DejaVuSomeThing/14a/ /tmp/djv

You can try a different font or font size if you want.

Then connect to 9front via drawterm and run:

mkdir /lib/font/bit/djv
dircp /mnt/term/tmp/djv /lib/font/bit/djv

Finally change your lib/profile to use /lib/font/bit/djv/font :)

Note that 9front includes truetypefs which allows you to use .ttf files directly, but I find the results are better looking this way.